• I am so lucky to be with her. I have been given such immense fortune in my life. I am incredibly grateful for that. And I need to put it to use. I need to create value. I need to take steps towards creating a brighter future. It’s necessary.
  • {{word-count}}I’m a bit tired today. I didn’t get too too much sleep and [[ultimate frisbee]] certainly takes a lot out of me. It’s such an active sport, and I am grateful to myself for valuing my cardiovascular and social health and getting out there every Sunday. Yesterday, I was struggling with the sense of not having something to do. While I think I would usually call it purposeless, I think I have a strong sense of [[purpose]] at the moment, so I wouldn’t really call it that so much as restlessness and a wanting to do more. I started re-reading [[Trip]] by my main man [[Tao Lin]] yesterday. The way Tao writes makes me feel like I could write in the same dry, straight-forward manner that he does. I think, sometimes, I try to be so polished when I write, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I don’t need to elaborate and be expansive in my language. I can simply let the ideas carry the beauty while the words take second string. It’s scary to write that way since the quality of your message depends on strongly on the ideas. Unlike most of the books I read and the authors I enjoy, Trip stands out as a controversial piece and Tao stands as a controversial author and man. It’s vapid, yet powerful. It questions what a story can be, what an author should be, and how a reader should interact with a text. While it is self-indulgent, it is the product of a man’s mind who is deep in his mind.
  • {{word-count}}I finished the first-draft of Ben’s [[Notion]] set-up yesterday. It looks absolutely sick. I think I am going to play around with my own design to make it a little more pretty etc. I think I am finding joy in it again. Having an open schedule can be difficult (as it was yesterday). It can feel both fulfilling and draining. The former in the sense that I can find joy in the things I may have lost joy in since they were so prescribed. The latter since I can feel like I should be doing something. It’s really the sign of my restless mind when I struggle to do nothing. But, I think it’s important for my growth to work through those moments and emerge as a stronger, less restless and more at peace individual. I do enjoy the time to sit back, relax, and learn from others, though. Just listening to a podcast can be quite a rewarding experience.



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