I put my mask on again last night. I hadn’t done that in a while. I was comfortable without it on, excited, even, that we were returning to normal. It was invigorating to go to dinner with my friends, walk into Barnes and Noble and see smiling faces, and be carefree. Alas, as Covid cases soar and the Delta strand is as virulent as ever, I put my mask back on again.

It’s easy at this time to get angry. It’s easy to blame those who have not yet been vaccinated for the troubles we are in. But as easy as it is to complain, can we really blame them? Each of those who have chosen to not be vaccinated, chose so for a reason. And those reasons, we cannot know. Maybe it was that they saw those close to them become sick after getting the vaccine or maybe it was that politicians told them it was nothing to worry about. Just because you were fortunate enough to receive education about the vaccines doesn’t mean that everyone else has the same situation as you. Getting mad at them won’t change their reasons.

We all have to do our part during these trying times. And it would take a lot less energy to just put on your mask and not complain about those who don’t or those who refuse a vaccination. Focus on what’s in your control, not what it outside of it. Outside of your control lies all the stupidity, wisdom, and emotions of others in the world. In your control lies your actions, your choice to wear a mask.

If you want to share the information that bolstered you to get a vaccination, do it respectfully and kindly. Angry internet debates don’t work — haven’t we all learned that from our political arguments on Facebook?

This is an opportunity, one in which we can learn how to level with someone, learn how to disagree. Approach each conversation with a person who has not been vaccinated believing that you have something to learn from them. You may disagree, but you can also learn.

You make this what you want it to be. You can be angry about it or accept it, knowing that Covid is outside of your control and that you are doing your part to stop the spread.



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Ben Heim

Ben Heim

Systems architect based out of Chicago who enjoys nothing more than wrestling with ideas, forging my own paths, and providing value.