Serendipity is the Key

We all want our big break.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s in writing, podcasting, creating content, or business — when you are living a non-linear life with an unpredictable career, your ability to be noticed determines your success.

With the unpredictable career, though, comes uncertainty. Other creators will offer one-size-fits-all algorithms. “Just keep creating.” “Post every day!” “Find your niche!” Hustle culture and the grindset paradigm are well-intentioned, but they neglect to account for the role that luck plays in all of this.

You deserve nothing for hard work.

That’s a difficult message to internalize. But, it’s true. Simply making motion doesn’t mean you’re moving in the right direction.

In Alex Banayan’s The Third Door, he emphasizes the importance of serendipity in his success. That doesn’t mean we should sit idle, waiting for it to strike. Luck doesn’t happen to us — we invite luck into our lives.

Despite what the YouTube gurus will tell you, manifesting your future won’t actually bring into effect. What I mean by inviting luck into our lives is that by embracing uncertainity, placing yourself in uncomfortable situations, and creating content for the world, we increase our surface area for luck.

And with more opportunities for luck comes more opportunities to share your craft with the world.

Serendipity isn’t outside of your control; you just need to have the courage to allow it into your life — and then seize it.



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Ben Heim

Ben Heim

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