Stop Distraction (Before It’s too Late)

Distraction is Ruining You

I am not always proud of what I consume. This lack of pride usually happens on my YouTube sprees. I can watch video after video, not of any importance, and fall into the spiral of the YouTube algorithm. This isn’t necessarily bad. Sometimes, I just need to kick back, not think, and mindlessly watch YouTube videos. But, these sprees happened too often. I found myself doing this almost every night, and I knew it wasn’t good, but I didn’t realize how bad it was. In short, this habit is simply a distraction.

While the information age has brought about unbounded opportunities for efficiency, it also comes with distraction.

Your Ego Drives Distraction

Distraction is a helpful tool in avoiding those situations which you don’t really want to be in. As a socially anxious person, those examples come first hand. It often happens at the grocery store. I will see someone I kind of know but don’t really know (e.g., a teacher), and I will immediately take on the mission of “escape from this situation ASAP!” This is uncomfortable, sometimes unbearably so. But there is an easy way out of it.

Your phone acts as a comfy, fictional blanket to hide from reality.

Distraction Restricts Growth

According to the modular-mind model, our mind is made of modules that all vie for our attention. Some of these modules are ‘good’: they tell us to work and think about long-term goals. Others are ‘bad’: they tell us to go on TikTok and seek societal affirmation through garnering likes on our latest Instagram post. But, these modules can be strategic (in the sense that non-sentient modules can be strategic).

Distraction Keeps Us From Realizing What Really Matters

The 70/20/10 rule argues that we should spend 70% of our time resting, 20% training, and 10% producing. I am guilty of not taking this seriously. As much as I would like to think that I spend too much time working and that I should spend more time resting, the reality is that I lose so much time to simply not doing either. Where does this time go? Distraction.

Finding freedom in no distraction.



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